Fundraising Objectives

24/7 Online Store
Create year-round fund-raising programs for the school through channels that appeal to and are accessible to students from all grade levels and the school community (parents, teachers, local community)
Manage and Support
Provide the school with business friendly tool to manage inventory and monitor funds raised
Fundraising Initiative
Support the school by providing additional source of funds while promoting and fundraising initiatives
  • Step-1

    Choose your product

  • Step-2

    We help design and finalize the artwork

  • Step-3

    Set your fund raising goal and Unisource will create your school web store

  • Step-4

    Share the webs store with parents, students and alumni.

  • Step-5

    After the campaign period Unisource will start production and set the delivery within two (2) weeks

  • Step-6

    Students will pick up product at school

  • Step-7

    School earns $$

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